Bewitching branding for alternative women in business

Transform your brand appeal, social media engagement and website woo-factor with devilish design, witchy words and captivating content creation

Your business isn’t like the other bland businesses out there.

And it’s time to stop pretending that it is.

Your vibe is more vivid, your soul is more spirited, and your offer is definitely more other-worldly.

A brand that’s ‘blah’ just won’t do. It won’t sell your vision, connect with your circle, or tell your stories. And most importantly, it won’t tell your customers’ stories either.

Now is the moment for transformation, a sprinkling of brand alchemy to help you reflect on your power and what slice of magic you can share with the world.

Let’s unearth that power, get crystal-clear on it — and own it.


Bewitching Branding

Your visual identity needs to instantly position you as the go-to goddess for your product or service. Whether you need a website revamp, a social media spruce up, or some creative direction to pull the whole thing together, I can help your business stand out in a sea of bland brands and charm clients.


Your luscious logo isn’t going to fulfil your business' potential all on its own – it needs the support of some eye-catching marketing materials. From website and social graphics to stationery and packaging, I can extend your brand across a range of customer touchpoints with memorable design.

Charismatic Copywriting

Speaking of customer touchpoints, words and pictures go together like … well, like product photos and an evocative product description. Like a gorgeous social media graphic and an engaging caption dripping with keywords and trending hashtags. Like a beautifully-designed website stuffed with thought-provoking blogs and articles. Delicious!


Great content needs enchanting imagery to leave a lasting impression, and sometimes only photography or videography can capture your brand effectively. I create and source awe-inspiring photos and videos for websites, social media content, adverts and more, perfectly edited to bring your brand to life before your customer's eyes.

Design for dark academia, cottagecore, fairycore, witchcore, witchcraft, gothic and alternative businesses

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Hi, I’m Lisa. As a brand alchemist, I’ve been stirring magic into marketing with design and content creation for over 10 years.

If you’re anything like me, your business sets your soul on fire. But to be able to puff your chest out with pride and properly sell yourself, you need your brand to represent you, your vision and your goals. You want to feel seen and understood by your audience.

Maybe you set up your visuals in a hurry, or your business has changed and it now feels like a good time to refocus. Most of the time I work with women who have a decent logo but need help pulling all the rest together, whether their Canva-quickie graphics aren’t catching eyes or their website needs a revamp to make their offer clear and compelling.

So you want to work with someone who gets you and what you’re about. Someone who can think ‘corporate cult’, but design devilishly. Someone who can listen to your business stream-of-consciousness and identify the important bits. And – let’s be honest – someone who knows their stuff but doesn’t cost you a fortune.

With skills in brand identity, strategy, graphic design, copywriting, photography and videography, I can help you find your voice and represent yourself in a way that truly resonates – both with you and your customers.


Warm words

“I’m so glad to have found Lisa, she's so easy to work with and understands what I need without me having to explain - priceless!”
"I'm overjoyed to have crossed paths with Lisa - she has become a real driving force behind my various business brands, with key strategy, gorgeous design and emotive writing."
“Lisa is not only incredibly fast and creative with her work; she is also a great, straight-forward communicator ... She truly understands your brand, its vibe and what you’d like to express with it.”